Mike Maldonado Snake 8.38


Toy Machine
30 Year Release #2
Mike Maldonado
8.38 x 32.00
Medium Concave
*Ships Assorted Top Color Ply

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Mike Maldonado, East Coast Powerhouse. Mike always let his skating do the talking for him. His quiet determination was always a quality I admired in him. When we started thinking about doing some deck reissues to celebrate 30 years of Toy Machine, Maldonado was the first one that came to my mind because he’s not on social media and we don’t hear from him often. So a Maldy reissue would be something special.

-Ed Templeton

More Information
Brand Toy Machine
Item Board
Concave Medium
Dimensions Width - 8.38
Length - 32.00
Wheelbase - 14.25
Nose - 7.13
Tail - 6.63
Color Ships Assorted Top Color Ply